Collaboratively accelerating

Lyme disease innovation

What is LymeX?

LymeX Innovation Accelerator (LymeX) is an innovation partnership between HHS and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation that will accelerate Lyme Innovation progress and strategically advance tick-borne-disease solutions in direct collaboration with Lyme patients, patient advocates, and diverse stakeholders across academia, nonprofits, industry, and government.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses present an urgent public health challenge. We need all hands-on deck for coordinated public health efforts to address the real threat these diseases pose. Developing new and better ways to address these diseases is crucial—but real advancement cannot occur in a vacuum.

LymeX fosters innovations that can deliver transformative impact on patients’ quality of life by including patients and stakeholders in every step of identifying, developing, and implementing advancements in Lyme disease care.

How will LymeX succeed?

Human- and Patient-centered Solutions

Health+ (“health plus”) LymeX is an ongoing series of research and problem solving cycles that focuses on specific, high-impact health issues, with the goal of fostering human- and patient-centered solutions utilizing research findings, collaboration, and creative problem solving.

Foster Breakthroughs in Education and Awareness

LymeX supports innovative health education and public awareness initiatives that focus on tick-borne disease prevention and help clinicians, patients, and caregivers benefit from the latest scientific findings.

Accelerate Development of Next-Gen Diagnostics

LymeX prize challenges encourage rapid, cross-sector, patient-centered diagnostic innovations. These challenges will drive creators, industries, and academia toward breakthroughs in more accurate Lyme diagnosis, helping make next-gen diagnostics available more quickly.

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